Extend the sparkling appearance of your newly cleaned carpet or furniture with Scotchgard. This protective product makes it much easier to remove spills in the future. Just ask us for a quote before booking your cleaning service

Scotchgard_LogoWhy we prefer Scotchgard?
Interior Care is confident in recommending this product because of the significant positive feedback we continually receive from our customers. No wonder Scotchgard is one of the world’s leading stain protection products. And, has been for over 50 years. Further, Scotchgard is environmentally friendly.

Common Questions about Protection
If my carpet or furniture was protected before, do I ever need to apply the protection again?

Yes, Scotchgard should be applied after each carpet or furniture cleaning. In fact, you can boost its performance by reapplying the protection after each cleaning … especially for high traffic areas.

How many times do I reapply Scotchgard?

Protection is diminished after each deep carpet cleaning and extraction. Scotchgard and Interior Care recommend applying reapplication after each session.

Can you use Scotchgard on wool rugs?

Yes and No, Scotchgard is not recommended for white wool and non-colourfast rugs. However, it is safe for use on non-white wool that can be cleaned with water (some rugs have a clean code – where a “W” or “WS” indicates that it is safe to be cleaned with water).

Can I use Scotchgard for Oriental rugs?


Will my carpet stiffen from using Scotchgard?


How long does Scotchgard take to dry?

Under average room conditions (21°C with 50% humidity), most protection should dry overnight. Good ventilation will provide even quicker dry time.