Carpet cleaning has been our specialty since 1963. Few companies in Canada have the experience and reputation that Interior Care has in the carpet cleaning industry. Regardless of the kind of carpet you have in your office facility, Interior Care can provide the right solution to get it as clean as possible, using environ- mentally responsible solutions.

Carpet Care Programs

Step 1

All carpet care programs start with the management of soil into and out of your building. This is often the responsibility of the housekeeping company who should have winter matting in the lobby of your building to control soil and ice melt from entering it. In addition, vacuuming of tenant areas must be accomp- lished on at least a weekly basis and more frequently in elevator lobbies, reception areas and high traffic corridors.

Step 2

In the past carpet was cleaned when it looked stained and dirty. However, a carefully considered carpet care program stops the cycle of carpet wear-out, resulting in premature carpet replacement. Our consultants can access your carpet care needs and provide you with an IICRC (International Institute of Carpet and Restoration Certification) approved

Step 3

When you give our program the approval to proceed, we will discuss the best schedule for you in terms of day and week for each month´s service. We will discuss arrangements for security access either through access cards or security access. Finally, we will discuss the frequency of the vacuuming by the housekeeping company and make suggestions to maximize this important part of the carpet care program.

Step 4

We will leave you with a note following each visit from our technicians informing you of any issues they may have had with the carpet maintenance process. On a frequent basis, your representative will inspect your office space to ensure the carpet care program is performing as it should.