You Sit. We Clean.

You Sit. We Clean.


Our six-step process ensures a stellar clean for your lounge chairs and sofas, while also following our policy to “Clean Green” as much as possible.


Regardless of fabric type, we have the right solution for your soiled fabric furniture. Some of the items we regularly clean for property management customers are: sofas and cushions; and chairs made of micro-suede, cotton, wool, polyester, vinyl and leather. Ask about Fibre Protect, which keeps your furniture spot resistant for years of use.

As part of our EnviroCare™ program, all the stain removers we use have low hazard ratings. If you’d prefer us to use only green products, we are happy to accommodate your request. However, the products currently available have limitations in their ability to accomplish a thorough cleaning. Our general policy is to, “Clean Green, but keep stains from being seen.”

Cleaning Process

Here is the six-step process used by Interior Care to ensure impressive results:

Step 1
Pre-inspect fabric to check for heavily soiled areas and determine if they can be safely cleaned.

Step 2
Vacuum to remove any loose dirt, dust and hair.

Step 3
Pre-treat heavily soiled areas and spots, before cleaning with an upholstery brush.

Step 4
Steam clean surface. Any residue from the process is removed to eliminate re-soiling.

Step 5
Inspect furniture and treat any remaining spots or stains.

Step 6
Apply fresh smelling deodoriser. It takes approximately 2 hours for furniture to dry unless air movers are requested to speed up the process. An optional rapid drying service is also available.