It costs approximately $500 to remove one pound of dirt after it has been tracked into a building. Over a twenty-day period, up to twenty-four pounds of dirt can be carried in by just 1000 people. That represents a monthly total of close to $12,000. In addition, it is estimated that 42% of a floor’s finish can be removed within the first two meters of an entrance after only 1500 people have walked in.

Matting won’t completely stop dirt from getting past the entranceways, but it can significantly reduce the volume. It will also extend the life of your varnish near exterior doors.

Here are three options to consider:

Scraper or Recessed Well Matting

This is the first line of defense against dirt and water in an exterior vestibule or just inside an entranceway. This matting aggressively removes water, snow, and sand from footwear.


This two-way matting system is the ultimate deterrent to dirt and moisture build up. It also protects people from slips, reduces floor damage, lowers maintenance costs.

Wiper Matting

This represents your last line of defense. It wipes residual water from shoes, and traps and holds fine sand. We recommend 15 to 20 ft. of walk-off matting per entrance.

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