We Fix Wet

We Fix Wet


Interior Care are experts at water damage drying and remediation. Our trucks and crews are available 24/7 to tackle your water emergency anywhere in Toronto and the GTA. Call us at the first sign of water damage. It is crucial to begin water removal, clean up and drying within the first 24 hours.

Timely water restoration response should prevent mold growth and minimize structural disintegration. In addition, damaged content, such as furnishings and personal items can be salvaged if dealt with immediately. Waiting will only make it costlier to dry out and clean up.

Call 416-467-0200


We thoroughly inspect your situation and give you an accurate estimate.

Quick & Efficient

Our technicians work fast to minimize further damage.

Heavy Duty

Drying and dehumidification is done with the latest drying technology.

Clean Salvageable Content

Your belongings and furnishings are carefully removed and taken to our Toronto facility, where our experienced staff tries to restore them.

Restore Décor
We diligently work on your property reconstruction and restoration project to ensure it looks at least as good as it did before the water or fire damage occurred.

Handle Insurance
We submit your damage claim to insurance and bill your insurance provider directly to eliminate further stress.